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Our Lobster

Greenhead Lobster works with a dedicated fleet of independent local lobstermen who fish in the rugged waters of the Gulf of Maine’s Penobscot Bay, long recognized as a prime habitat for high quality lobsters. Carrying on the tradition of generations before them, these lobstermen take great care to deliver the highest quality lobster year round to Greenhead’s docks.

Greenhead Lobster is thus able to sustain abundant inventories of high quality stock, along with fulfillment and distribution capabilities for small or large commercial orders shipped year-round and worldwide.

Leading chefs, upscale seafood restaurants as well as discerning retail outlets and seafood distributors rely on Greenhead Lobster, confident they will receive the freshest lobsters along with unparalleled customer service.

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Lobster Nutrition Facts

Lobster Nutrition Facts (Courtesy of the Maine Lobster Council): As delicious as Maine Lobster tastes, it's hard to believe that it's actually a healthy protein. Once for ounce, lobster is actually lower in calories and fat than skinless chicken breast! For those watching their cholesterol, lobster is comparable to skinless chicken breast. Lobster meat also includes many beneficial vitamins and minerals that increase brain activity, promote healthy bones and maintain healthy nerve cells.

Testamonial: We are on the docs every day to make sure our customers receive only the best quality lobsters. Hugh Reynolds, Owner
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Fresh Stonington Maine lobsters—shipped nationwide. Cooking and handling instructions are included with each order.

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Greenhead Lobster can process and fulfill commercial orders of any size year round with rapid turnaround and professional service, shipped worldwide.

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