Wholesale Greenhead Lobsters

Greenhead Lobster sells and ships fresh lobsters year round and worldwide at wholesale prices to commercial establishments such as grocery and fish markets, restaurants, and other businesses.

We can process and fulfill commercial orders of any size with rapid turnaround and professional service. Greenhead Lobster ships live lobsters nationwide as well as throughout Europe and the Far East via truck, all major airlines, and/or FedEx.
Note: Greenhead Lobster LLC is fully FDA HACCP compliant. Which includes the U.S. Food & Drug Administration's mandatory seafood HACCP Regulation (21 CFR part 123) and satisfies the mandatory training requirements contained in (21 CFR part 123.10). Greenhead Lobster also holds a valid CFN # 1226096 allowing us to pack lobsters for European Shipments

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Overnight Shipping

Our choice lobsters are harvested year round in the waters of the Gulf of Maine by our team of local independent lobstermen and delivered daily to our waterfront wharf.

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